Our Lady of Fatima, Yalesville

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Ministry of Praise

Ministry of Praise

Ministry Coordinator:  Mary Pfau

Members of the Ministry of Praise unite their prayers, works, and sufferings with Christ Crucified for the good of our Parish, for religious vocations, for stable marriages & families, and for the monthly intention listed in the bulletin.

You too can join us in this important  Ministry of Praise at the end of October and into November.

There will be a sign-up sheet for new members who will be commissioned in November at the regular  10:30 am  Sunday Mass,  on the Feast of Christ the King, at which time you will receive a book of prayers.

We pray also for all members on their birthday, and we remember our deceased members with prayer and condolence cards sent to their families.

We would be honored if you would join your prayers to ours, and offer your intentions to God enthroned in Heaven, who is always pleased to receive them. Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.