Parish Family News

With great joy, we welcomed into our parish family through the Sacrament of Baptism the following children:


Erik Hulett,  Jonathan Jungk, Gannon Golebiewski, Charlotte Breuler,  Arya Gerace,

Dominic Hollman, Kaelyn Manciero, Carly Lamb, Rocco Lombardi,

Gavin Orrell, Lana Meyer, & Ellison Torelli


We congratulate the following couples joined here in Matrimony:



Please remember in your prayers the repose of the souls of all of our deceased parishioners, especially the following who have died this year:



Ann Wrinn, Robert Zima, John Gogliettino III, Kathryn Frulla,

Samantha Noto, Joseph Hamed, Robert Sgambati, Lynn Gazda,

 Doris deFau, Joseph Wolak Jr., Cecile Pomerleau, Joseph Mihalek,

 Marylin Rogus, Anne Leveille, Fayne Kowalski,  Dominic Del Sole,

Helen Bosco, William Fritz, Charles Molinari, Ralph Pepe Sr., Nicolina Jandreau

Eileen Banghart, William Duffy, William Cronan, & James Laspino Jr.


Parishioners in the Armed Forces

Please pray for the safety of all of our brave men and women who serve us so selflessly in the military: