Parish Family News

With great joy, we welcomed into our parish family through the Sacrament of Baptism the following children:


Blake Landrigan, Robert Pavlick, Bryce Sobkowiak, Olivia Goodison.

Sofie Smitt, Emiliano Diaz-Valencia, Angelina Diulio,

Abigail Diulio, Erickson Butkus, Nora Riveccio,

Chiara Gigante, Richard Nesto III, Isabella Angeli,

Mark Angeli III, Rasit Bolat, Anna Moro,

 Charlotte Kelly, Evan Corriere, Riley Ercolani, Ava French,

Caleb Trowbridge, Trevor Cook, & Jack Kolton

We congratulate the following couples joined here in Matrimony:


David & Regina Moriarty


Please remember in your prayers the repose of the souls of all of our deceased parishioners, especially the following who have died this year:


Rose Hulicki, Angel Macalad, Rella Damon,

Maria DaFonte, James McCabe, Margaret Richards,

Shawn Remy, Roseanne Singer, Virginia Hoyle,

Kevin Lawrence, Tobert Kaliscuk, Aaron Champagne,

Claire Barbeau, Dorothy Smiles, Franklin Leibsly,

Louise McNamara, James Bradshaw, Rasit Bolat,

James Brennan Sr., Eric Schoonmaker, Jeannette Hartline, Salvatore Geremia, 

Mary Lawrence, Peter Lorusso, Rosemary Brandt, Alexander Denino,

Marie Waldron, & Pat Lauria Jr.


Parishioners in the Armed Forces

Please pray for the safety of all of our brave men and women who serve us so selflessly in the military: