Walking With Purpose

   Walking with purpose

     Do you desire to grow in your Catholic faith?  Would you like to connect with other women in our parish community?  Are you searching for something more in your life? 

      Walking with Purpose is a Scripture-based faith sharing program for women.  Beginning on May 16th we will be starting a six-week program on Wednesdays evenings (@ 7 pm, location TBA) called "Living In the Father's Love" to be held in a small group forum (8 to 10 women per group).   

    "Living in the Father's Love" focuses on the heart and on practical ways women can apply the truths of the Bible to their everyday lives.  It is great for women who have studied Scripture and very welcoming to women who have not. Come be revived as you grow in the knowledge that you are loved, made for a purpose, beautiful and forgiven.  Come connect with women in the parish who are also looking for a safe place to talk about their faith and to refuel and be refreshed.

      Registration is $20. Registration Form [click here]   

More information about Walking With Purpose can also be found online at www.walkingwithpurpose.com. For any  questions, please contact Cathy Pazik at 203-265-2813 or Maureen Reed at 203-494-9792.