Religious Education

Religious Education Office: 203-265-6426 x 4  Tracy Sommo Blum, Director

Youth Ministry Office: 203-265-6818 x 5  Corinne Sommo, Youth Minister

Fax: 203-269-5343



Our Religious Education Programs provide a structured approach to Sacramental preparation, knowledge of scripture, prayers, Commandments, and Creed. Family involvement is essential in the teaching of prayers and initiating regular attendance at weekly Mass (especially online or on TV during this time of "Social Distancing") and the sacraments. Registration takes place from April 15th through June 15th. (Registration after June 15th will incur a late fee.)


Classroom Instruction- suspended

Home Church

 Masses and religious education classes have been canceled at many parishes, giving us an additional challenge as people of faith.  However, it’s just as important (in fact, more important) for families to worship on Sundays.  Our tradition calls each family a “domestic church”—sort of like a tiny parish—where we pray, teach the faith, and live it out.

Perhaps this time is a blessing in disguise to help us embrace this reality. If you can’t go to Mass  in-person, here are some alternatives:

Watch Father Robert on our YouTube channel

St. Mary’s Press is offering free access to Kids’

Liturgy, a digitally-led Children's Liturgy of the Word program.    

  1. Go to 
  2. Copy/paste the following login information: 

Username: [email protected]

  Password: KidsLiturgy123!  (type this instead of   copy and paste)* This is a universal login. Please DO NOT change the password!



Individual Family Instruction

This program is available on all grade levels. Students and parents work together at home in a student textbook. IFI students are encouraged to participate in all large group activities. It is the parents’ responsibility to see that textbooks are completed and that the student has an understanding of the material covered. All students are responsible for a prayer review annually. Students in grades 3-8 are also responsible for a written review of the textbook. Supplemental information and assistance is provided by the Religious Education Office upon request.