Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist

First Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist preparation is available for children who have reached the Grade 2 level in public school and who have completed Grade 1 religious instruction. Children preparing for these Sacraments may be registered in the Classroom or Individual Family Instruction program. Special instruction is available for students in Grade 3 and up who have not yet received these Sacraments.


All students who have successfully competed Grade 8 Religious Education and who evidence a serious desire to make a formal confirmation of faith in Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church, are invited to participate in the ‘Moving In The Spirit’ Program of Confirmation Preparation. This is an eighteen month program which begins in the Spring, at the conclusion of Grade 8 instructions. Candidates meet throughout the school year in small faith discussion groups with an adult facilitator. They also participate in special large group activities as well as a 30 hour service project.

Confirmation Individual Family Study

The only difference between this program and the regular confirmation program is that instead of meeting in a small faith sharing group, the student meets one on one with a mentor – usually a sponsor. All other aspects of the program are identical. This program is well suited for the older student or the student who is best served in a more structured setting.